Mautourco provides assistance and comprehensive services to guests who wish to get married in Mauritius.

Our wedding service offers:

1. Legal formalities for weddings

2. Wedding packages outside hotel premises

3. Tailor-made wedding packages

4. Additional wedding services (photographer, florist etc.)

The advantages:

  • We ensure that clients receive all information needed for their civil wedding in Mauritius
  • Depending on the client’s nationality the procedures are different, Mautourco will ensure that all legal procedures are respected
  • Mautourco ensures the liaison between the Mauritius Civil Status and the clients, making sure that all relevant documents are sent and that the Civil Status Officer has booked the appropriate wedding date
  • Return transfer of the wedding officer
  • For a wedding of more than 15 guests, the M.I.C.E department takes over the organisation of the ceremony but all legal procedures are handled by the Wedding Department
  • Upon request, the Wedding Department also offers a translator service in German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Czech, Spanish, etc.
  • Mautourco also offers unique wedding packages: guests can get married on an island or on-board a catamaran…
  • For these packages Mautourco ensures the liaison between the suppliers, the booking of the ceremony and makes sure that all clients’ requirements are respected
  • For weddings taking place outside a hotel, a Wedding Officer appointed by Mautourco is present at the wedding ceremony site to ensure coordination of arrangements
  • Mautourco also looks after renewals of vows
  • Mautourco deals with all after-wedding services: collection of the wedding certificate and delivery to clients etc.
  • For more information, e-mail us at: