Fascinating facts in the history of Mauritius: The Jewish graveyard
22 Sep 2021

On December 26, 1940, the Atlantic docked in Port Louis with some 1,500 Jews on board. Among them were Austrians, Poles, and Czechs who fled Nazism in the fall of 1939.

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Mauritius: Back to basics – The succulent cassava
17 Sep 2021

The delicious smell coming from the 'cassava' shop takes me back in time when, in the yards, a plot of land was always dedicated to cassava, as growing this plant requires very little maintenance. Native to Brazil, cassava’s name is Mahinot esculenta Crantz.

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Mauritius – Rivière Noire, imbued in history.
03 Sep 2021

In the south-west, adjoining the village of Tamarin, Rivière Noire, a place of reminiscence of slavery and marooning, reveals its mysteries and welcomes us with a beautiful blazing sun. The main road twists between sea, mangroves, and mountainous landscape and by wandering around here and there, we can find some small fragments of our past.

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Fascinating facts in history of Mauritius: Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint Pierre
27 Aug 2021

Born in 1737 in Le Havre, Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint Pierre, French botanist, and writer, having obtained his brevet of captain-engineer arrived in Isle de France in 1768. Instead of finding a paradise and wild island, he found a place plagued by land speculation and largely deforested. Aware of the importance of conserving the island's rich soils as well as the primary forests, he founded one of the Nature Conservation programs with Pierre Poivre while respecting the environment.

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Mauritius: Tamarin, the mythical bay
20 Aug 2021

On the way to Black River, as you leave the entrance to the village of Flic en Flac, you will be greeted by La Tourelle Mountain looking over the picturesque village of Tamarin. This fishermen’s village can also be reached on foot from the impressive Flic en Flac beach,

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Mauritius: Beautiful Monument Marie, Reine de la Paix - the Harmonious Song of Ave Part 2
13 Aug 2021

Full of energy, I climb the steps and can't wait to be at the foot of the crypt chapel on top of which the white marble statue of Virgin Mary, an exquisite three meters high work of art holding the world globe in her hands takes a benevolent look on the capital.

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Mauritius: Focus on the Heart of palm, eco-responsibility in its splendor!
06 Aug 2021

Landing in Grand Port in 1598, the Dutch were seduced by the lush nature of this plot of land which they named 'Mauritius' in honor of the Prince Maurice of Nassau. Silhouettes of palm trees stood proudly on the slopes of the mountains as far as the eyes could see.

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Mauritius: Spotlight around Chamarel coffee!
30 Jul 2021

In the heights at the entrance of Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark, a unique geological phenomenon highly recommended for visits, with shades of green all around, are found coffee trees.

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Prince Eyhelepola Wijesoondra, prisoner in Moulin à Poudre - Mauritius
28 Jul 2021

In 1814, accused of embezzlement, the Sinhalese prince Eyhelepola Wijesoondra, Prime Minister of the last king of Kandy (former capital of Sri Lanka) revolted and helped the English conquer the kingdom. He was arrested for plotting and sent to exile in Mauritius in 1825 together with some other rebels.

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Mahébourg: “To ene trezor ent leciel ek later”* - Mauritius
23 Jul 2021

Built during the brief rule of the Dutch, Mahébourg is full of nooks and crannies that remind us of our history and undoubtedly offers some of the most beautiful vestiges of our past.

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Mauritius - Road trip along the eastern coast
16 Jul 2021

The landscape was amazing. On my right, the mountains sat peacefully facing the ocean. We were making our way right along the edges of Mauritius island, on a serpentine road along the east coast. 

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Fascinating facts in history of Mauritius: Mathew Flinders
13 Jul 2021

In 1803, Mathew Flinders, British explorer, famous cartographer, was on his way from Australia back to England when he was compelled to make a stop at Mauritius to have his ship repaired.

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Mauritius – Cultural Heritage: Dhai Maa and her postnatal massages
09 Jul 2021

What was long ago very common in most of villages in Mauritius and could be found quite easily, Dhai Maa, is normally an elderly woman who is solicited after the birth of a newborn child to give body massages to the new mum.

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Mauritius: Sneak Peek of Rose- Hill, a hectic town… Discover why!
25 Jun 2021

Twinned with the town of Beau Bassin in 1896, the name Rose-Hill from a poetic point of view showcases the colors of pink hue projected by the setting sun on the Corps de Garde Mountain that we see from afar.  I seize the opportunity and have much pleasure in strolling along the Royal Road or in the adjacent streets where life is both hectic and quiet.  Rose-Hill, whose motto(s) are "Tenax et fidelus" - tenacious and faithful, holds a cachet so special that this city is worth a detour...

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The Plaza: 'authentic bastion of cultural Mauritius'
02 Jul 2021

Far from the tourist spots, in Rose-Hill, one of the main towns that probably received its name from an ancient 19th century 'Mount Rose' estate, opposite the beautiful church of Montmartre, is located The Plaza: an authentic bastion of cultural Mauritius. In this courtyard during the weekends reigns a jovial atmosphere, a testimonial of the natives’ authenticity.

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Fascinating facts in the history of Mauritius: Sir William Stevenson, K.C.B
16 Jun 2021

At the end of the courtyard formed by the wings of the Government House, behind the statue of Queen Victoria, is the martial figure in bronze of Sir William Stevenson, K.C.B. who had assumed the reins of Government from 1857 to 1863.

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Mauritius - Souillac Village paired with the city of Souillac - France
18 Jun 2021

Let’s visit Souillac: this village situated in the south of Mauritius in the district of Savanne, is named after Vicomte François de Souillac, then French governor of Isle de France between 1779-1787.

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Mauritius: 'Tap'on bamboo, a sustainable natural product
11 Jun 2021

Long time back in Mauritius magnificent bamboo hedges, known as the Bambusa Multiplex, were planted to protect the mansions in the heights of the central plateau. 

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Enriching interview with a Windsurf enthusiast - Mauritius
07 Jun 2021

Mauritius and Rodrigues Islands are two world-renowned destinations for Windsurfing. Our guest this week is Coban Hardy, Operations Manager at Mautourco, a Windsurf enthusiast during his free time.

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Fascinating fact in History of Mauritius: Sir William Gomm and Lady Gomm
04 Jun 2021

In 1842, the newly appointed Governor of Mauritius, Sir William Gomm brought the gratifying news that Indian immigration was at last authorized under the supervision of an agent residing in India.

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Mauritius: Let’s head to Bel Ombre
02 Jun 2021

When we mention Bel Ombre, we immediately think of the wild south of Mauritius, with on one side, its beautiful winding coastline along the sea and on the other, lush green nature. The road itself to Bel Ombre is a feast for the eyes.

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Enriching interview with an enthusiast: Hondoline Collet-Guillaume - String Art
26 May 2021

Our guest this week is Hondoline Collet-Guillaume, Reservation Officer at Hertz, the voice-over of our posts on our social networks. Among her many passions, she shares with us today one of them: String Art.

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City of Curepipe - Mauritius
14 May 2021

Curepipe, a town located halfway between the capital, Port-Louis and Mahebourg, with its cool, humid climate and forests, was for a long time inhabited. The first inhabitants settled in the lower part of the district of Plaines Wilhems which owes its name to Wilhelm Leichnig, a German who lived on the island (between the French and English occupation).

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History of Mauritius: Adrien d’Epinay!
28 May 2021

Adrien D’Epinay was recognized for many services rendered as a great citizen. He obtained authority to set up a bank in Mauritius. Since 1827, he persuaded the Ministry to allow Mauritius sugar to enter the English market on the same footing as that of the West Indies.

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Mauritius: Aloe Fibres Industry!
30 Apr 2021

Known under the scientific name of Furcrea Gigantea, it is uncertain whether this plant from which fibre is extracted was originally of indigenous growth or introduced in the island of Mauritius.  It is believed that it was imported in 1790 for ornamental purposes.

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Mauritius: The amazing passion fruit, so delicious!
23 Apr 2021

We are forever grateful in Mauritius to benefit from a moderate climate temperature throughout the year. This condition allows us to fully enjoy tropical fruits and vegetables. One of the most amazing, requiring very little care is the passion fruit or granadilla... so delicious!

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A relic of great splendor: The Cycas or sago plant
16 Apr 2021

The Cycas Revoluta, or sago plant known to Mauritians, is often grown in pots. For professionals, this plant is often miniaturized in the shape of bonsai. From the stem of this plant, Orientals draw a sago flour to make bread. In Mauritius, the leaves of this popular plant are ornamental, and they are used to decorate locations during parties. 

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6 essentials and benefits in Mauritian cuisine: the natural that heals (Part 2)
16 Apr 2021

When visiting relatives or friends, I have always thought about what the essentials in their kitchen, utensils and electrical apparatus aside, could be for everyone.  The elements that emerge are practically the same in Mauritius, whether the cuisine is big or small: spices, spices or spices and herbs. Among these, it is unanimous there are some essentials:

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6 essentials and benefits in Mauritian cuisine: the natural that heals (Part 1)
02 Apr 2021

When visiting relatives or friends, I have always thought about what the essentials in their kitchen, utensils and electrical apparatus aside, could be for everyone.  The elements that emerge are practically the same in Mauritius, whether the cuisine is big or small: spices, spices or spices and herbs. Among these, it is unanimous there are some essentials:

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Fascinating facts in the history of Mauritius : The Dodo
25 Mar 2021

Sir Thomas Herbert, an English gentleman who landed in Mauritius on the 10th of June 1628, coming back from Persia was the first to call the dronte : Dodo, as derived from the Portuguese doudo, stupid.  

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Immersion in the City: Desforges Street, Port-Louis- Mauritius
24 Mar 2021

Desforges street in Port-Louis is the place to be, especially for after-hour street food at the Capital city.  Indeed, most of the vendors only start operating as from six in the afternoon until nearly midnight. You could find a large variety of food available at different locations, including the famous Mauritian biryani (a mix of spices cooked with rice and chicken, beef or fish), fried rice or noodles, and so on. 

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The abundance of Pitayas or dragon fruits in Mauritius
19 Mar 2021

The demand for seasonal fruit consumption diminished with the closure of the borders to tourism. The gardens of Mauritius soon found themselves with a surplus of fruits, some of which were formerly considered as rare or uncommon.  One of these is the Pitaya, hitherto somewhat unknown, but so full of benefits.

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A gourmet stopover to discover or rediscover!
26 Feb 2021

A stone's throw from the center of the village of Moka, nestled in lush greenery, there’ s this place that can bring you back into the past in a few minutes. The small path that takes you there already arouses curiosity! This is a very original “table d'hôte”, with a garden that is well worth to be discovered: a banana tree loaded with green fruit, a guava tree, a papaya tree and many other fruit trees. Beautiful ferns that rival magnificent tropical plants.

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La boutik en tol – Sheet metal shop - Mauritius
17 Feb 2021

This song echoes the shops of yesteryear that were close to our homes, an era when supermarkets did not yet exist. Those steel metal shops were run by Chinese immigrants who came to work in Mauritius and who offered credit to families.

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Immersion in the City: China Town - Mauritius
10 Feb 2021

Chinatown is just like the Chinese areas seen in the movies with its old buildings and traditional food stations at every street corner. I was looking for a specific shop well-known for its grandmother's herbs and medicinal remedies.

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Immersion in Port-Louis City: La Corderie Street - Mauritius
10 Mar 2021

In the past, Port-Louis used to be THE place to be for shopping and at that time, all shop-keepers all over the island, used to close their shops on Thursdays so they could all go to our capital city for the purchase of their stock of goods

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Interview with a bird photography enthusiast in Mauritius
29 Jan 2021

Our guest this week is Jacques de Spéville, wildlife photographer, specialized in birds photo-shooting in nature. Their plumage, of outstanding colours have no secrets for him!  Demonstrating his passion and showcasing these flying species in all their splendor are signs of his humility and authentic sharing.

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: History … a way to encounter our people
27 Jan 2021

Wherever you may go in Mauritius, there will always be a part of history to discover. Mahebourg, a village named after Mahé de Labourdonnais, then French governor, Aapravasi Ghat, which relates the arrival of indentured labourers from India, Le Morne Heritage, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, commemorates the Maroon slaves of Africa. Grand Baie, Poudre d´Or, Curepipe, names of towns and villages recalling the French occupation, Phoenix, New Grove, Rose-Hill, that of the British period.

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Surprising, the little Mangrove that will grow big!
22 Jan 2021

Mangroves grow either at great depths, in shallow water and also in dry areas.  'They are one of the most bio productive ecosystems in the world, as they are the only large species to survive on muddy shores. They act as wooden reeves that become the support and shelter of important wildlife'.

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: High Level of Service
20 Jan 2021

Mauritius, known to many as Paradise Island, land of beautiful beaches and even lovelier people. However, one of the most pleasant surprises a visitor to the island will experience, is the level of service and dedication that Mauritians deliver to all.

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Great and original ideas for your wedding proposal in Mauritius
15 Jan 2021

Have you finally found your One and Only, your forever sweetheart ? Nothing looks great enough for your chosen person ! What could you come up with to surprise her and give her memories to cherish for a lifetime ? An island, a dream setting, a destination and our expertise : Mauritius !

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Not only beaches and tanning!
13 Jan 2021

None can ignore that over and above our beautiful beaches, Mauritius has a lot more to offer! For sure it is well-known for its deep-sea fishing, Scuba diving and numerous sea activities and much more ….

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Food Lover’s Paradise!
06 Jan 2021

Food forms an integral part of the Mauritian culture and visitors to the island are always welcome to savour the different dishes that we have to offer. From spicy curries, creole dishes to Chinese food to the much loved dholl puri, you will be sure to enjoy your meal.

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Wellness Destination!
09 Dec 2020

Mauritius has positioned itself since quite a few years now, as a destination that promotes Health and Wellness by offering quality services during your holidays when it comes to pampering yourself.

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Endless sunshine
08 Jan 2021

Indeed, it is one of the benefits of living on an island as we can enjoy the advantages of microclimate (it can be rainy on one part of the island while the other side has a bright blue, sunny sky).

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Through the eyes of Nadine & Mervyn: A breath of freshness at Sept Cascades
04 Dec 2020

Drinking water right from one of the waterfalls is a real treat as it was so fresh and thirst-quenching. Everything around us was so quiet except for the birds’ songs, the rustling of leaves like a soft music, the peaceful gurgling of water ... The world was at a standstill. 

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: A Dream Destination For Sports Persons!
02 Dec 2020

It is true that a simple mention of the island of Mauritius, and one would be tempted to immediately imagine its long sandy beaches, its emerald lagoons and beautiful sun that warms the skin and hearts! But what if we tell you that our island is also a privileged destination for sportsmen….?n

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Crossroad of Cultures
25 Nov 2020

The island of Mauritius acclaimed for its togetherness attracts our visitors. From his youngest age, the Mauritian learns to respect his neighbour of different cultures. A richness which amazes many.

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Authentic Heritage: Charming castle life in Mauritius
27 Nov 2020

Our imagination flies to these beautiful ladies dressed up in Calais laces or English embroidery outfits, when we think about the charming castle life. They usually carried umbrellas matching their dresses, while they walked in these spectacular alleys of colonial mansions in Mauritius…

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Local Drinks
18 Nov 2020

A nice beverage plays an important role in human culture. It can be a way for us to express our identity or share our hospitality. Beverages play an important part of the Mauritian culture. When visiting someone in Mauritius you will always be offered something to drink, be it Mauritian tea or coffee or even something alcoholic.

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Culinary Heritage: Sautéed green banana peels and dried fish
20 Nov 2020

As I entered her kitchen, a pleasant mix of aromas invites me to stop and try to distinguish what is on the menu of the day. All around her, displayed in well aligned small bowls, I recognized finely chopped spices, boiled dried fish already crumbled and a hand of very green bananas.

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Say “Yes, I do!” on a tropical island!
12 Nov 2020

Need to escape for your big day? Need to wow your better half? Nothing better than choosing a dream destination known for its idyllic weddings: The Island of Mauritius!

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: The People
04 Nov 2020

Our People, our nation. One of the greatest assets of Mauritius is, without doubt our people!!

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Authentic Heritage: Surprising lime kilns
13 Nov 2020

Today, these surprising ovens, a symbol of our past remind us that our heritage and environment must be preserved at all costs.

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Our Beaches
28 Oct 2020

Clear aquamarine sea, pristine white sand, green coconut palms swaying gently in the breeze. Welcome to the island of Mauritius!! The contrast in colours and the exquisiteness of our beaches are something worthy of poems. By the way, Mark Twain was inspired when he said ….. : Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and heaven was copied after Mauritius.

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Culinary Heritage: Moringa or ‘Bred Mouroum’
06 Nov 2020

Formerly Moringa, commonly known in Mauritius as "Bred Mouroum" or "Bred medaille" was planted along cemeteries and served as natural fences. A food plant with 92 nutrients that can reach 10 meters in height, it is among the richest nutriments on the planet.

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Authentic Heritage: Amazing sugar mill chimneys
30 Oct 2020

At the end of the French colonization there were more than three hundred of these small sugar mills and life revolved around them, especially during the sugar cane harvest. They are all unique in their structure, height, material used and layout.

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Culinary Heritage: Mauritian Casava “Cat Cat” (stew)
23 Oct 2020

Cassava “cat-cat” is indeed the equivalent of a good balanced meal that can fill you up for a few hours and helps to stop food craving. A few aromatic herbs bring freshness and enhance the visual part of the dish.

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Authentic Heritage : Peaceful, Our Lady of Fatima chapel
16 Oct 2020

This small chapel, so different from the large cathedrals, built in noble materials, topped with cane leaves, is part of the Mauritian cultural heritage. Our Lady of Fatima in Black River is unique in the world by the landscape, the quietness and peacefulness of the surroundings.

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Culinary Heritage: Crayfish Chutney
09 Oct 2020

This crayfish chutney is a Delicatessen of our Mauritian cuisine and its scent is unique due to the ingredients added to it such as garlic, ginger, tomatoes, called here “pomme d’ amour”, chili peppers as well as aromatic herbs.

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Memories of the past! - Our natural mattress-manufacturer
01 Oct 2020

Do you remember our natural mattress-manufacturer? Until recently, our coconut fiber mattresses were made locally by craftsmen in Mauritius who came at home to sew them.

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Memories of the Past! The cart driver
29 Sep 2020

This particular crew made the day of the children, who at this sight, shouted joyfully: "Saret bef! Saret bef!", meaning the ox cart has come.

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Memories of the past! – The washerwomen
24 Sep 2020

The washerwomen used to go to the river or washrooms to do their laundry.

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Memories of the past! - “Marsan boutey”
22 Sep 2020

"Boutey, boutey!" – Bottles, bottles ! : shouted our bottles’ buyer

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Memories of the past! The railway
18 Sep 2020

It is hard to imagine that before Mauricio, the metro that currently connects the city of Rose-Hill to Port Louis, our elders saw the conversion of some of our roads to a railway in the early 19th century.

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Memories of the past! - 'The milk seller'
15 Sep 2020

He moved from house to house in Mauritius to deliver fresh milk while activating his horn and shouting loudly: "Marsan dile! Marsan dile!" (Milk seller).

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Memories of the past! - 'Red wax flooring’
11 Sep 2020

Who remembers the red wax flooring at our grandmothers' homes?

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En Route to ‘Grande Rivière Sud Est’
13 Aug 2020

We gradually engaged into a forest.  Many varieties of palm trees were all around us: Dwarf Palm, Mexican Palm, Japanese Palm and other vines and trees with trunks as wide as we can see in the film ‘Journey to the centre of the earth’.  

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The Premier League, the passion of Mauritians
31 Jul 2020

This passion for the championship is surely part of the heritage that was left to us by the British.

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Deconfinement: Regenerated beach in Mauritius
24 Jun 2020

Mother Nature has reclaimed its rights, after having quietly enjoyed this quarantine season.

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Mautourco: The originality of eco-responsible craftsmen - RRR
29 May 2020

RRR: Three capital letters with such a deep meaning to be memorized and implemented by each and every one of us. It is a way of living we adopted years ago at Mautourco, DMC in Mauritius.

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Dream today – Travel tomorrow
26 May 2020

The future of global tourism and travel will definitely change and may never be the same again. Travel Companies across the world will need to innovate and adapt to what will most probably be: the new normal. Sustainable and Responsible tourism will most certainly be the new way to go.  Mauritius is actively getting geared to welcome guests from all over the world and in this respect, the after Covid-19 protocols are being set by different stakeholders.

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Confinement…. Or enjoying life at its best?
14 May 2020

Does confinement heighten all of our senses?!

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Mauritius : When our elders spoke the truth!
05 May 2020

Wasn’t it the way our elders used to bring back life to old stuff, and think of how to do differently with what’s on hand? We are reminded of their precious advices and this is what we must transmit to the young generation. 

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Local Insights
13 Oct 2020

Updates on Air Mauritius and Hotels

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Hope and Resilience - Message from the Managing Director
22 Apr 2020

We are all well aware that there are many challenges ahead for our industry. However, Mautourco fully supports the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) statement that, “By staying home today, we can travel tomorrow.”

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Mauritius: Lifestyle change with remote working
02 Apr 2020

At Mautourco, while being connected, we discuss and go on with our projects. Together we rediscover those human values we all share.

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Mauritius Island: our rainbow, our inspiration, our motherland
11 Mar 2020

Our island:

Our dear little Mauritius island, you are so precious to us. We will forever honour you, for your colours shine over our rainbow nation, a haven of peace like no other.

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Get into the football and horse racing hype!
16 Jan 2020

What do the English Premier League and horse racing have in common in Mauritius? Both sports have a large, avid following and emphasise the British colonial heritage of our island.

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It’s Party Time!
26 Dec 2019

Christmas under our latitudes has nothing to envy of the northern “white” Christmas.

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Authentic Mauritius
16 Dec 2019

Mauritius can offer more than the familiar seaside, sun-filled getaway.

With the growing trends of green tourism and eco-conscious living, the demand for alternative holiday accommodation has been on the rise lately. In many parts of the island, new addresses offering a comfortable and yet, authentic and nature-centred experience, have sprouted.

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Childhood Memories
14 Nov 2019

Sometimes, without notice, memories of days gone by flood into our wandering mind. Memories of our childhood ...

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Hertz Mauritius: Hit the Road in a Buggy Vintage
03 Oct 2019

What an emotion-filled adventure I had on the east side of the island in a Buggy Vintage, rented with Hertz Mauritius.

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When social and sustainable responsibility starts with us
19 Sep 2019

"To be a man is precisely to be responsible. It is to feel, by laying one's stone, that one helps to build the world." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

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Off to the de Rochecouste family estate we go!
30 Aug 2019

Not too far from Beau Vallon, in the hamlet of Riche en Eau, lies a vestige of our colonial past : the ‘Château de Riche en Eau’. By circumstances, I found myself there on March 12 (one of the two days of the year this private property opens its doors to well informed visitors, the other day being Heritage Day).

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Cruising in Mauritius: The Pleasure of Sailing
15 Aug 2019

The crystalline waters of our beautiful Mauritius allow us to enjoy beautiful cruises at sea aboard catamarans, regardless of the location you embark at.

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Mauritius: The Noni Fruit or ‘Bois Tortue’
08 Aug 2019

The ability of the Noni to adapt is extraordinary at ground level, as it can grow in coral sand, like it does over here in Albion, on volcanic basalt, near brackish water ponds or even in spots with high salinity level.

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Chamarel Fancy Fair in Mauritius
26 Jul 2019

The Chamarel Fancy Fair attracts quite the crowd from all corners of the island, as that is where the best deals are at. Tasting typical Mauritian dishes, such as a brown pig Salmi (wild boar), venison stew, hare or among others, a delicious free-range chicken curry is an absolute recommendation. Chamarel is a guaranteed authenticity and it reflects a multi-cultural island.

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A gluten-free flour: Breadfruit
18 Jul 2019

The breadfruit, from its scientific name Artocarpus Altilis, is commonly known in Mauritius as the Madegone. This big spherical fruit that grows on a tree which can reach 15 meters high, is used to feed families in a number of ways, and weighs between one to two kilograms.

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Trail Running : Running In Nature
12 Jul 2019

What attracts runners to a Trail? First and foremost, the locations where these races are held. Nature reserves, forests, private areas, where no runner would dare to venture on their own, as the lands are so vast. Physical and mental fitness and determination are valuable assets.

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Our Customer Care department in the spotlight
27 Jun 2019

Our Customer Care Department is busy attending to our guests and listening to their needs – whether it is for following up on an incident, attending to flight cancellations or delays, a surprise birthday gift, items that may have been inadvertently left behind on a tour or at the hotel, and so much more.

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Natural healing: Grandma’s herbal remedies
20 Jun 2019

I, she said, seldom consult a doctor. 'I treat myself using plants found in Nature. It is such a pity that young people nowadays do not find the time or simply do not have it anymore to plant and take care of a small corner of land!’

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Going Green For A Weekend
06 Jun 2019

The ride to La Vallée de L’Est was very enjoyable, we crossed a really beautiful road along the sea. We were in absolute awe of the authenticity of the village of Vieux Grand Port. There in fact reigns an indescribable atmosphere. Could it be due to past events? Quite possibly!

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World Travel Award 2019
03 Jun 2019

Mautourco carries on its winning streak with recognition at the World Travel Award as Mauritius’ Leading Destination Management Company for the fifth consecutive year. Our company has also received the award for Indian Ocean’s Leading Destination Management Company for the second time in two years and has been nominated once again for World’s Leading Destination Management Company.

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A tribute to our Muslim Sisters
30 May 2019

The grandmother, mother, daughters-in-law and the young ladies of the house are all up. Preparations are well underway in the family kitchen. The noise must be kept to a minimum so the rest of the family who is still asleep is not disturbed. All these women are busy making tasty meals while honoring each family member’s wishes.

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The homemade bread delivery man: our wake-up call
23 May 2019

How can I describe this homemade bread otherwise than stating it has not aged in centuries? It is round in shape and weighs about a 100 grams ; it is cracked in the middle so that it more easily breaks in equal halves.

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Our forests: where wild pepper trees abound
16 May 2019

The plant’s scientific name is 'Schinus terebinthifolius'; it is native to Brazil and has acclimatized at different altitudes.  This species, resistant to insects and diseases, was first heard of from James Duncan in 1863.  Its fruits are widely disseminated by birds and it has become invasive, as it produces lots of seeds that germinate fast.  They are now produced as spices for export.

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Experience the Domaine des Aubineaux!
09 May 2019

This lovely tranquility spot will surprise you. At the further end of a long green path, a magnificent Creole House dating from 1872, surrounded by a sumptuous garden, awaits its day visitors. Some tables found under the veranda offer a beautiful view of the garden.

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Mautourco, behind the curtains
03 May 2019

Delivering a high-quality, end-to-end guest experience requires that all our teams stay focused on meeting the ever-changing needs and wants of our partners and guests. Everything must be well coordinated, from reservation and payment to tour and transfer logistics in order to maintain our reputation for service quality and reliability.

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Model Ship Building: Works of Art ...
25 Apr 2019

Wooden battens, glue jars and varnish cans were neatly stored on shelves, and cardboard templates hung on a nail. The man, who was in his sixties, was very friendly and very inclined to talk about his passion and experience.

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Wedding Consultant – The wedding fairy !
18 Apr 2019

Our two Wedding experts, Jessica and Nadine, have been doing this noble job for several years now and they put their experience and extensive knowledge at the service of our brides and grooms to be. Organizing a private, couple-only wedding or a wedding with a large guest list holds no secret for those two.

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Picnic at Plaine Champagne: Guavas!
11 Apr 2019

The picking of ‘Goyaves de Chine’ is an exercise worth participating in at least once a year.  A little advice to the uninitiated: caution! If the guavas are not picked at the right time, they will be too acidic and will consequently cause you to squint.  Let’s call on the experts: the sellers who will spare no efforts to advise you!

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Through the eyes of JP : Hooked on fishing!
04 Apr 2019

Fishing: a healthy hobby, a communion with nature. A treat for the senses. A delight that involves respect of nature, a priority according to fishermen: show respect to the sea and it will respect you back.

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Ixora: Such a beautiful name!
28 Mar 2019

I am in fact a lively and long-lasting blooming decorative scrub. I provide joy and happiness to all those who stop by her garden and cast a glance at me. They call me ‘Flame of the Woods’, ‘Torch tree’ or ‘Japanese Hortensia’. 

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Our drivers – proud ambassadors of our beautiful island
21 Mar 2019

If most of our drivers are bilingual, we also include in our team those who speak a third language, of which German, Italian .... and those ones work as driver-guides.  It is with great pride that they will make you discover our island during the excursions.

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From Sugarcane to Shining Star of The Indian Ocean
11 Mar 2019

As Mauritians all around the country gather to celebrate 51 years of Independence, let us take a look at the history of tourism in Mauritius.

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Commitment to environmental sustainability
06 Mar 2019

Mautourco blends creativity with environmental sensibility to craft authentic but also sustainable experiences for our guests.

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The Weaverbird : A genius architect of Nature
27 Feb 2019

Where do those yellow birds come from? The ones which make nests resembling upside-down flasks, with a bottom entrance?

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Through the eyes of: Enora: The other Mauritius !
21 Feb 2019

The old village of Mahébourg which was left unchanged and where the quietly flourishing neighborhood life could still be felt. The esplanade offered a magnificent view of the tiny island of Mouchoir Rouge (literally, Red Handkerchief) as well as of the East Coast.

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Spread the Love: Valentine’s Day
14 Feb 2019

Aren’t there different types of love, characterized by maternal love, paternal love, brotherly love or universal love though? Should it not be celebrated every day?

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Kung Shee Fat Choy!
04 Feb 2019

Kung Shee Fat Choy!! I dare you to find a single Mauritian, no matter the ethnic background, who does not know what these words mean! In fact, this is how we wish a Happy New Year to our compatriots of Chinese origin, in January or February when they celebrate the lunar new year: the Spring Festival.

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01st February: Abolition and Freedom
31 Jan 2019

On February 01st, we remember the struggle for individual freedom, honor victims of slavery and celebrate Freedom.

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Le Morne hiking – through Mical’ s eyes
24 Jan 2019

The 360° view was simply breathtaking, the shades of blue and turquoise were magical and we were all awestruck by this incredible panorama! It looked like it came straight off a postcard.

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A dessert with Rosa (T)
17 Jan 2019

Many mangoes bear the names of women. Why? Most probably because of the landowners of the time who created new varieties and wanted to pay tribute to their wives.

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Lé Rwa Bwar ! (The king drinks !)
10 Jan 2019

We have all heard about the holiday of Epiphany or The Epiphany Tart, celebrated on the first Sunday of January (if it is not the 01st of course). Well, at home, in Mauritius, we celebrate: Lé Rwa bwar! Which literally means: the king drinks!

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Banané (Happy New Year 2019)
28 Dec 2018

The new year, to be more locally precise, Banané (New year). Banané overshadows all cultural and spiritual festivities whatsoever, and drowns one and all in a bliss which we people of this island alone can feel.

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Celebrating the festive season the Mauritian way
21 Dec 2018

The end-of-year celebrations in Mauritius are the prime time for all kinds of outdoor fun with nature following suit by oozing with deliciously festive flavours and colours.

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From nude to vermillion: Walk into the New Year
20 Dec 2018

Seasons come and seasons go. With the New Year countdown come the merry days. Who could be oblivious to a Delonix Regia (Flamboyant tree) in full bloom? This tree, native to the neighboring island of Madagascar and introduced in Mauritius, brightens our landscape and nature with its clusters of red to vermillion flowers.

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Bazar Port Louis
13 Dec 2018

Picturesque. That’s the perfect description of the Central Market of Port Louis, our capital city.

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Taking your themed party to the next level
05 Dec 2018

The team’s know-how is sure to make the most unique and memorable MICE experiences you’ll find on the island.  Whatever you are imagining right now, Mautourco can take your dream and make it a theme!

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Bingo: It's a lychee!
29 Nov 2018

In the beginning of the Mauritian summer, when colors and fragrances combine, the crimson glow takes precedence and takes over. Seasonal fruits compete in abundance, consistency and beauty. This is how Litchi (Litchi chinensis) trees originating from China change in appearance because they are covered with bunches of red berries. They stand tall and proud for succeeding in making Lychee lovers wait a whole year to finally savor their produce.

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Mauritius: Tall, black and beautiful
22 Nov 2018

An urge to stroke this piece of glistening jet black varnished wood took me back to the Dutch period.  Back then, the island was replete with ebony trees - although they were very heavy to carry - since their wood is so dense it does not float.

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Hotel Representatives, the art of making every guest unique
15 Nov 2018

Being a front-liner is a rewarding, exciting and challenging profession, where our team members learn as much from our guests as they learn from them.  As true ambassadors of the legendary Mauritian hospitality, they put their sound local knowledge and deep understanding of our guests’ different cultures at work to spoil the latter with the holiday that they have come for.

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Diwali Light
06 Nov 2018

This is Diwali in nature bathing the abode of man in the bliss of ongoing light from above. Diwali shares light when there is no light. Hence, open the door, open wide your heart, for Diwali awaits.

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16 Steps
01 Nov 2018

The Aapravasi Ghat is an important part of the history of Mauritius.  It is inscribed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.  This place had been the gateway for immigrants coming mainly from India from 1834, right into the context of the abolition of slavery, to 1924, to work as labourers in the sugarcane fields.

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Traditional Children’s Games
25 Oct 2018

Technology has taken over the world. Eyes are now firmly fixed on tablets and trendy smartphones. The virtual reality reigns supreme all over the world.

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Mauritius: The green ray of the golden sun
19 Oct 2018

I was inevitably drawn to the ocean. All sails out, the catamaran glided smoothly towards its final destination, while the sky wore its best colors. It was slightly foggy and one could spot shapes in clouds that could inspire new and experienced artists alike.

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Back to Basics: Rare organic fruits in Mauritius
12 Oct 2018

Let me take you on this journey, while exciting your taste buds. These stimulating flavors and scents remind us of the debt we owe to Mother Nature, as no chemicals were added to these fruit trees, nature taking its own course.

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World Travel Award
08 Oct 2018

Mautourco has achieved a remarkable feat by winning the World Travel Award for Mauritius’ Leading Destination Management Company for the fourth year in a row. In addition, this year our company combining over six decades of experience has also bagged the award for Indian Ocean’s Leading Destination Management Company.

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Tour Guiding - Sharing our passion
04 Oct 2018

Tour Guiding is first and foremost about sharing our passion for our beautiful island of Mauritius.

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Albion in a Convertible Fun Car: Hertz Mauritius
28 Sep 2018

Driving under the open sky, straw hat on the front seat, sunglasses on, in a casual chic outfit, I took a road with multiple bends in a convertible fun car hired at Hertz. I sang my throat out, carried away by a sense of joy and a feeling of freedom. On my left, a most unexpected green space: through coconut palms one could glimpse, above recently built houses, the horizon of the cobalt-blue Indian sea.

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Street food: A window into the culinary heritage of Mauritius
20 Sep 2018

Mauritius is home to a distinctive and delicious street food culture built on layers of cultural diversity.  Our island’s people have a well-entrenched tradition of eating on the run at roadside stalls serving up an array of flavours and the local markets and streets are actually the place to go for an authentic Mauritian food experience.  

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Airport Representatives
18 Sep 2018

At Mautourco, our success has always been defined by our ability to make our guests feel welcome and to attend to their every need at each and every moment of their stay. And this starts right at the airport, from the very moment you set foot upon the soil of Mauritius

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Ganesh Chaturthi – The God of wisdom, happiness and prosperity
13 Sep 2018

My Island, far from the ancient lands, but so soaked with culture and human blooming, is a small piece of land which takes pride in having all religions deeply rooted, all civilisations coexisting and in celebrating the main religious festivals with dignity.

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Father Laval - The Apostle of Mauritius
06 Sep 2018

Jacques Désiré Laval, a spiritan missionary Father arrived in September 1841 on the island from Normandy, where he was born. He was a doctor dedicated to the poor and the slaves who had been freed a few years back. He evangelized, advised, treated and helped the recently freed population out of its misery, both spiritual and material.

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A serendipitous encounter with Maya ... in the tropics!
30 Aug 2018

Then I saw her: Maya !(you would have probably guessed: it was a BEE), which was peacefully twirling around a ‘Veloutier Argenté’  (Tournefortia Argentea). These shrubs, with rough barks have trunks that often take graceful curves, so graceful, that they seem to dance on Jazz tunes under the rays of the golden sun.

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Raksha Bandhan – The sibling bond
23 Aug 2018

Thus we inherited Mother’s day from the European, African dances from the continent, spring festival from China and India bestowed us Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi. A feast unique in its own, for truly speaking, it’s not a celebration but a bond, a fraternal commitment honoured annually between biological brothers and sisters, swearing the solemn vow to protect each other in brotherly love.

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August 15: Mary’s Celebration
13 Aug 2018

Like authentic Mauritians, bent on sharing and endowed with a natural friendliness, Mary’s Celebration has cut across both cultural and belief barriers. Solemn processions dedicated to Virgin Mary would swarm cities and villages after the special mass but gone are these good old days. However some old traditions do remain.

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Adventure Trail : Where colours abound - Part 2
10 Aug 2018

Stony road, surrounded by a rich flora with the much prized chinese guavas at an arm’s length. From a small clearing on the left emerged a large herd of deer (Cervus Rusa), with the dominant male endowed with antlers trophy collectors dream of.

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Adventure Trail : Where colours abound - Part 1
09 Aug 2018

The seasoned guide of the Adventure Trail welcomed me in the 7-seat 4 x 4 Pathfinder and he immediately won me over by his simplicity and humility. I had no doubt that the customer service would match my expectations as trust building is an integral part of his training.

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Winter is coming…
02 Aug 2018

The temperature drop occurring in Mauritius every year, the cold which gradually begins in May, increases in July and August and slowly fades away in September. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Southern winter!

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Euphoria in the sky
26 Jul 2018

There is something utterly compelling about seeing the island from above, especially when one can easily recognize its natural geographic features and outlines, similar to a gigantic map. The sense of fulfilment and self-exaltation one gets from travelling to high altitudes is unique.

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Mauritius: Champs de Mars. A Passion
19 Jul 2018

Champs de Mars (oldest racetrack in the southern hemisphere) situated at Port Louis is at its boiling point. Saturday horse racing is in the starting block.

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July 14th...from Tricolor to Four Bands..So far, and yet so near….
12 Jul 2018

While occasionally strolling through the cobbled streets of Port-Louis, lined with basalt structured buildings, I am inevitably reminded of the French presence in the city, in the country.

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Coconut once I hold you, I can’t get enough!
06 Jul 2018

Lying back on a deckchair, facing the turquoise lagoon of crystal water down in the South West of Mauritius, with an outstretched arm, I liberally applied refined coconut oil on my skin

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