Chamarel Fancy Fair in Mauritius
26 Jul 2019

The Chamarel Fancy Fair attracts quite the crowd from all corners of the island, as that is where the best deals are at. Tasting typical Mauritian dishes, such as a brown pig Salmi (wild boar), venison stew, hare or among others, a delicious free-range chicken curry is an absolute recommendation. Chamarel is a guaranteed authenticity and it reflects a multi-cultural island.

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The homemade bread delivery man: our wake-up call
23 May 2019

How can I describe this homemade bread otherwise than stating it has not aged in centuries? It is round in shape and weighs about a 100 grams ; it is cracked in the middle so that it more easily breaks in equal halves.

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Spread the Love: Valentine’s Day
14 Feb 2019

Aren’t there different types of love, characterized by maternal love, paternal love, brotherly love or universal love though? Should it not be celebrated every day?

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01st February: Abolition and Freedom
31 Jan 2019

On February 01st, we remember the struggle for individual freedom, honor victims of slavery and celebrate Freedom.

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From nude to vermillion: Walk into the New Year
20 Dec 2018

Seasons come and seasons go. With the New Year countdown come the merry days. Who could be oblivious to a Delonix Regia (Flamboyant tree) in full bloom? This tree, native to the neighboring island of Madagascar and introduced in Mauritius, brightens our landscape and nature with its clusters of red to vermillion flowers.

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Diwali Light
06 Nov 2018

This is Diwali in nature bathing the abode of man in the bliss of ongoing light from above. Diwali shares light when there is no light. Hence, open the door, open wide your heart, for Diwali awaits.

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16 Steps
01 Nov 2018

The Aapravasi Ghat is an important part of the history of Mauritius.  It is inscribed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.  This place had been the gateway for immigrants coming mainly from India from 1834, right into the context of the abolition of slavery, to 1924, to work as labourers in the sugarcane fields.

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Ganesh Chaturthi – The God of wisdom, happiness and prosperity
13 Sep 2018

My Island, far from the ancient lands, but so soaked with culture and human blooming, is a small piece of land which takes pride in having all religions deeply rooted, all civilisations coexisting and in celebrating the main religious festivals with dignity.

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Father Laval - The Apostle of Mauritius
06 Sep 2018

Jacques Désiré Laval, a spiritan missionary Father arrived in September 1841 on the island from Normandy, where he was born. He was a doctor dedicated to the poor and the slaves who had been freed a few years back. He evangelized, advised, treated and helped the recently freed population out of its misery, both spiritual and material.

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Raksha Bandhan – The sibling bond
23 Aug 2018

Thus we inherited Mother’s day from the European, African dances from the continent, spring festival from China and India bestowed us Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi. A feast unique in its own, for truly speaking, it’s not a celebration but a bond, a fraternal commitment honoured annually between biological brothers and sisters, swearing the solemn vow to protect each other in brotherly love.

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August 15: Mary’s Celebration
13 Aug 2018

Like authentic Mauritians, bent on sharing and endowed with a natural friendliness, Mary’s Celebration has cut across both cultural and belief barriers. Solemn processions dedicated to Virgin Mary would swarm cities and villages after the special mass but gone are these good old days. However some old traditions do remain.

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July 14th...from Tricolor to Four Bands..So far, and yet so near….
12 Jul 2018

While occasionally strolling through the cobbled streets of Port-Louis, lined with basalt structured buildings, I am inevitably reminded of the French presence in the city, in the country.

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