Mauritius – Pamplemousses village: Where the past moves your heart!
24 Sep 2021

This time I decided to head towards the north of the island and invite you to this village named Pamplemousses, French name for grapefruits, that grew in great abundance in this region. It was home to some of the most eminent men of our French colonial era lived,

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Mauritius: Beautiful Monument Marie, Reine de la Paix - the Harmonious Song of Ave Part 2
13 Aug 2021

Full of energy, I climb the steps and can't wait to be at the foot of the crypt chapel on top of which the white marble statue of Virgin Mary, an exquisite three meters high work of art holding the world globe in her hands takes a benevolent look on the capital.

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Mauritius: Spotlight around Chamarel coffee!
30 Jul 2021

In the heights at the entrance of Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark, a unique geological phenomenon highly recommended for visits, with shades of green all around, are found coffee trees.

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Immersion in the City: Desforges Street, Port-Louis- Mauritius
24 Mar 2021

Desforges street in Port-Louis is the place to be, especially for after-hour street food at the Capital city.  Indeed, most of the vendors only start operating as from six in the afternoon until nearly midnight. You could find a large variety of food available at different locations, including the famous Mauritian biryani (a mix of spices cooked with rice and chicken, beef or fish), fried rice or noodles, and so on. 

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A gourmet stopover to discover or rediscover!
26 Feb 2021

A stone's throw from the center of the village of Moka, nestled in lush greenery, there’ s this place that can bring you back into the past in a few minutes. The small path that takes you there already arouses curiosity! This is a very original “table d'hôte”, with a garden that is well worth to be discovered: a banana tree loaded with green fruit, a guava tree, a papaya tree and many other fruit trees. Beautiful ferns that rival magnificent tropical plants.

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Immersion in the City: China Town - Mauritius
10 Feb 2021

Chinatown is just like the Chinese areas seen in the movies with its old buildings and traditional food stations at every street corner. I was looking for a specific shop well-known for its grandmother's herbs and medicinal remedies.

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Immersion in Port-Louis City: La Corderie Street - Mauritius
10 Mar 2021

In the past, Port-Louis used to be THE place to be for shopping and at that time, all shop-keepers all over the island, used to close their shops on Thursdays so they could all go to our capital city for the purchase of their stock of goods

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: High Level of Service
20 Jan 2021

Mauritius, known to many as Paradise Island, land of beautiful beaches and even lovelier people. However, one of the most pleasant surprises a visitor to the island will experience, is the level of service and dedication that Mauritians deliver to all.

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Great and original ideas for your wedding proposal in Mauritius
15 Jan 2021

Have you finally found your One and Only, your forever sweetheart ? Nothing looks great enough for your chosen person ! What could you come up with to surprise her and give her memories to cherish for a lifetime ? An island, a dream setting, a destination and our expertise : Mauritius !

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Not only beaches and tanning!
13 Jan 2021

None can ignore that over and above our beautiful beaches, Mauritius has a lot more to offer! For sure it is well-known for its deep-sea fishing, Scuba diving and numerous sea activities and much more ….

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Wellness Destination!
09 Dec 2020

Mauritius has positioned itself since quite a few years now, as a destination that promotes Health and Wellness by offering quality services during your holidays when it comes to pampering yourself.

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Through the eyes of Nadine & Mervyn: A breath of freshness at Sept Cascades
04 Dec 2020

Drinking water right from one of the waterfalls is a real treat as it was so fresh and thirst-quenching. Everything around us was so quiet except for the birds’ songs, the rustling of leaves like a soft music, the peaceful gurgling of water ... The world was at a standstill. 

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: A Dream Destination For Sports Persons!
02 Dec 2020

It is true that a simple mention of the island of Mauritius, and one would be tempted to immediately imagine its long sandy beaches, its emerald lagoons and beautiful sun that warms the skin and hearts! But what if we tell you that our island is also a privileged destination for sportsmen….?n

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Say “Yes, I do!” on a tropical island!
12 Nov 2020

Need to escape for your big day? Need to wow your better half? Nothing better than choosing a dream destination known for its idyllic weddings: The Island of Mauritius!

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En Route to ‘Grande Rivière Sud Est’
13 Aug 2020

We gradually engaged into a forest.  Many varieties of palm trees were all around us: Dwarf Palm, Mexican Palm, Japanese Palm and other vines and trees with trunks as wide as we can see in the film ‘Journey to the centre of the earth’.  

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Authentic Mauritius
16 Dec 2019

Mauritius can offer more than the familiar seaside, sun-filled getaway.

With the growing trends of green tourism and eco-conscious living, the demand for alternative holiday accommodation has been on the rise lately. In many parts of the island, new addresses offering a comfortable and yet, authentic and nature-centred experience, have sprouted.

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Hertz Mauritius: Hit the Road in a Buggy Vintage
03 Oct 2019

What an emotion-filled adventure I had on the east side of the island in a Buggy Vintage, rented with Hertz Mauritius.

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Off to the de Rochecouste family estate we go!
30 Aug 2019

Not too far from Beau Vallon, in the hamlet of Riche en Eau, lies a vestige of our colonial past : the ‘Château de Riche en Eau’. By circumstances, I found myself there on March 12 (one of the two days of the year this private property opens its doors to well informed visitors, the other day being Heritage Day).

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Going Green For A Weekend
06 Jun 2019

The ride to La Vallée de L’Est was very enjoyable, we crossed a really beautiful road along the sea. We were in absolute awe of the authenticity of the village of Vieux Grand Port. There in fact reigns an indescribable atmosphere. Could it be due to past events? Quite possibly!

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Experience the Domaine des Aubineaux!
09 May 2019

This lovely tranquility spot will surprise you. At the further end of a long green path, a magnificent Creole House dating from 1872, surrounded by a sumptuous garden, awaits its day visitors. Some tables found under the veranda offer a beautiful view of the garden.

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Through the eyes of JP : Hooked on fishing!
04 Apr 2019

Fishing: a healthy hobby, a communion with nature. A treat for the senses. A delight that involves respect of nature, a priority according to fishermen: show respect to the sea and it will respect you back.

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Through the eyes of: Enora: The other Mauritius !
21 Feb 2019

The old village of Mahébourg which was left unchanged and where the quietly flourishing neighborhood life could still be felt. The esplanade offered a magnificent view of the tiny island of Mouchoir Rouge (literally, Red Handkerchief) as well as of the East Coast.

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Le Morne hiking – through Mical’ s eyes
24 Jan 2019

The 360° view was simply breathtaking, the shades of blue and turquoise were magical and we were all awestruck by this incredible panorama! It looked like it came straight off a postcard.

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Bazar Port Louis
13 Dec 2018

Picturesque. That’s the perfect description of the Central Market of Port Louis, our capital city.

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Mauritius: Tall, black and beautiful
22 Nov 2018

An urge to stroke this piece of glistening jet black varnished wood took me back to the Dutch period.  Back then, the island was replete with ebony trees - although they were very heavy to carry - since their wood is so dense it does not float.

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Mauritius: The green ray of the golden sun
19 Oct 2018

I was inevitably drawn to the ocean. All sails out, the catamaran glided smoothly towards its final destination, while the sky wore its best colors. It was slightly foggy and one could spot shapes in clouds that could inspire new and experienced artists alike.

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Albion in a Convertible Fun Car: Hertz Mauritius
28 Sep 2018

Driving under the open sky, straw hat on the front seat, sunglasses on, in a casual chic outfit, I took a road with multiple bends in a convertible fun car hired at Hertz. I sang my throat out, carried away by a sense of joy and a feeling of freedom. On my left, a most unexpected green space: through coconut palms one could glimpse, above recently built houses, the horizon of the cobalt-blue Indian sea.

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Adventure Trail : Where colours abound - Part 2
10 Aug 2018

Stony road, surrounded by a rich flora with the much prized chinese guavas at an arm’s length. From a small clearing on the left emerged a large herd of deer (Cervus Rusa), with the dominant male endowed with antlers trophy collectors dream of.

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Adventure Trail : Where colours abound - Part 1
09 Aug 2018

The seasoned guide of the Adventure Trail welcomed me in the 7-seat 4 x 4 Pathfinder and he immediately won me over by his simplicity and humility. I had no doubt that the customer service would match my expectations as trust building is an integral part of his training.

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Euphoria in the sky
26 Jul 2018

There is something utterly compelling about seeing the island from above, especially when one can easily recognize its natural geographic features and outlines, similar to a gigantic map. The sense of fulfilment and self-exaltation one gets from travelling to high altitudes is unique.

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