Mauritius - Road trip along the eastern coast
16 Jul 2021

The landscape was amazing. On my right, the mountains sat peacefully facing the ocean. We were making our way right along the edges of Mauritius island, on a serpentine road along the east coast. 

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Mauritius: Sneak Peek of Rose- Hill, a hectic town… Discover why!
25 Jun 2021

Twinned with the town of Beau Bassin in 1896, the name Rose-Hill from a poetic point of view showcases the colors of pink hue projected by the setting sun on the Corps de Garde Mountain that we see from afar.  I seize the opportunity and have much pleasure in strolling along the Royal Road or in the adjacent streets where life is both hectic and quiet.  Rose-Hill, whose motto(s) are "Tenax et fidelus" - tenacious and faithful, holds a cachet so special that this city is worth a detour...

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6 essentials and benefits in Mauritian cuisine: the natural that heals (Part 2)
16 Apr 2021

When visiting relatives or friends, I have always thought about what the essentials in their kitchen, utensils and electrical apparatus aside, could be for everyone.  The elements that emerge are practically the same in Mauritius, whether the cuisine is big or small: spices, spices or spices and herbs. Among these, it is unanimous there are some essentials:

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6 essentials and benefits in Mauritian cuisine: the natural that heals (Part 1)
02 Apr 2021

When visiting relatives or friends, I have always thought about what the essentials in their kitchen, utensils and electrical apparatus aside, could be for everyone.  The elements that emerge are practically the same in Mauritius, whether the cuisine is big or small: spices, spices or spices and herbs. Among these, it is unanimous there are some essentials:

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Food Lover’s Paradise!
06 Jan 2021

Food forms an integral part of the Mauritian culture and visitors to the island are always welcome to savour the different dishes that we have to offer. From spicy curries, creole dishes to Chinese food to the much loved dholl puri, you will be sure to enjoy your meal.

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Endless sunshine
08 Jan 2021

Indeed, it is one of the benefits of living on an island as we can enjoy the advantages of microclimate (it can be rainy on one part of the island while the other side has a bright blue, sunny sky).

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Local Drinks
18 Nov 2020

A nice beverage plays an important role in human culture. It can be a way for us to express our identity or share our hospitality. Beverages play an important part of the Mauritian culture. When visiting someone in Mauritius you will always be offered something to drink, be it Mauritian tea or coffee or even something alcoholic.

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: The People
04 Nov 2020

Our People, our nation. One of the greatest assets of Mauritius is, without doubt our people!!

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Reasons to visit Mauritius: Our Beaches
28 Oct 2020

Clear aquamarine sea, pristine white sand, green coconut palms swaying gently in the breeze. Welcome to the island of Mauritius!! The contrast in colours and the exquisiteness of our beaches are something worthy of poems. By the way, Mark Twain was inspired when he said ….. : Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and heaven was copied after Mauritius.

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Culinary Heritage: Crayfish Chutney
09 Oct 2020

This crayfish chutney is a Delicatessen of our Mauritian cuisine and its scent is unique due to the ingredients added to it such as garlic, ginger, tomatoes, called here “pomme d’ amour”, chili peppers as well as aromatic herbs.

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Memories of the past! - Our natural mattress-manufacturer
01 Oct 2020

Do you remember our natural mattress-manufacturer? Until recently, our coconut fiber mattresses were made locally by craftsmen in Mauritius who came at home to sew them.

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Memories of the Past! The cart driver
29 Sep 2020

This particular crew made the day of the children, who at this sight, shouted joyfully: "Saret bef! Saret bef!", meaning the ox cart has come.

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Memories of the past! – The washerwomen
24 Sep 2020

The washerwomen used to go to the river or washrooms to do their laundry.

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Memories of the past! - “Marsan boutey”
22 Sep 2020

"Boutey, boutey!" – Bottles, bottles ! : shouted our bottles’ buyer

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Memories of the past! The railway
18 Sep 2020

It is hard to imagine that before Mauricio, the metro that currently connects the city of Rose-Hill to Port Louis, our elders saw the conversion of some of our roads to a railway in the early 19th century.

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Memories of the past! - 'The milk seller'
15 Sep 2020

He moved from house to house in Mauritius to deliver fresh milk while activating his horn and shouting loudly: "Marsan dile! Marsan dile!" (Milk seller).

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Memories of the past! - 'Red wax flooring’
11 Sep 2020

Who remembers the red wax flooring at our grandmothers' homes?

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The Premier League, the passion of Mauritians
31 Jul 2020

This passion for the championship is surely part of the heritage that was left to us by the British.

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Confinement…. Or enjoying life at its best?
14 May 2020

Does confinement heighten all of our senses?!

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Mauritius : When our elders spoke the truth!
05 May 2020

Wasn’t it the way our elders used to bring back life to old stuff, and think of how to do differently with what’s on hand? We are reminded of their precious advices and this is what we must transmit to the young generation. 

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Mauritius Island: our rainbow, our inspiration, our motherland
11 Mar 2020

Our island:

Our dear little Mauritius island, you are so precious to us. We will forever honour you, for your colours shine over our rainbow nation, a haven of peace like no other.

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Get into the football and horse racing hype!
16 Jan 2020

What do the English Premier League and horse racing have in common in Mauritius? Both sports have a large, avid following and emphasise the British colonial heritage of our island.

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It’s Party Time!
26 Dec 2019

Christmas under our latitudes has nothing to envy of the northern “white” Christmas.

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Childhood Memories
14 Nov 2019

Sometimes, without notice, memories of days gone by flood into our wandering mind. Memories of our childhood ...

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Trail Running : Running In Nature
12 Jul 2019

What attracts runners to a Trail? First and foremost, the locations where these races are held. Nature reserves, forests, private areas, where no runner would dare to venture on their own, as the lands are so vast. Physical and mental fitness and determination are valuable assets.

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A tribute to our Muslim Sisters
30 May 2019

The grandmother, mother, daughters-in-law and the young ladies of the house are all up. Preparations are well underway in the family kitchen. The noise must be kept to a minimum so the rest of the family who is still asleep is not disturbed. All these women are busy making tasty meals while honoring each family member’s wishes.

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Model Ship Building: Works of Art ...
25 Apr 2019

Wooden battens, glue jars and varnish cans were neatly stored on shelves, and cardboard templates hung on a nail. The man, who was in his sixties, was very friendly and very inclined to talk about his passion and experience.

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From Sugarcane to Shining Star of The Indian Ocean
11 Mar 2019

As Mauritians all around the country gather to celebrate 51 years of Independence, let us take a look at the history of tourism in Mauritius.

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Kung Shee Fat Choy!
04 Feb 2019

Kung Shee Fat Choy!! I dare you to find a single Mauritian, no matter the ethnic background, who does not know what these words mean! In fact, this is how we wish a Happy New Year to our compatriots of Chinese origin, in January or February when they celebrate the lunar new year: the Spring Festival.

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Lé Rwa Bwar ! (The king drinks !)
10 Jan 2019

We have all heard about the holiday of Epiphany or The Epiphany Tart, celebrated on the first Sunday of January (if it is not the 01st of course). Well, at home, in Mauritius, we celebrate: Lé Rwa bwar! Which literally means: the king drinks!

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Banané (Happy New Year 2019)
28 Dec 2018

The new year, to be more locally precise, Banané (New year). Banané overshadows all cultural and spiritual festivities whatsoever, and drowns one and all in a bliss which we people of this island alone can feel.

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Celebrating the festive season the Mauritian way
21 Dec 2018

The end-of-year celebrations in Mauritius are the prime time for all kinds of outdoor fun with nature following suit by oozing with deliciously festive flavours and colours.

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Traditional Children’s Games
25 Oct 2018

Technology has taken over the world. Eyes are now firmly fixed on tablets and trendy smartphones. The virtual reality reigns supreme all over the world.

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Street food: A window into the culinary heritage of Mauritius
20 Sep 2018

Mauritius is home to a distinctive and delicious street food culture built on layers of cultural diversity.  Our island’s people have a well-entrenched tradition of eating on the run at roadside stalls serving up an array of flavours and the local markets and streets are actually the place to go for an authentic Mauritian food experience.  

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Winter is coming…
02 Aug 2018

The temperature drop occurring in Mauritius every year, the cold which gradually begins in May, increases in July and August and slowly fades away in September. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Southern winter!

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Mauritius: Champs de Mars. A Passion
19 Jul 2018

Champs de Mars (oldest racetrack in the southern hemisphere) situated at Port Louis is at its boiling point. Saturday horse racing is in the starting block.

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