Cruising in Mauritius: The Pleasure of Sailing
15 Aug 2019

The crystalline waters of our beautiful Mauritius allow us to enjoy beautiful cruises at sea aboard catamarans, regardless of the location you embark at.

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Mauritius: The Noni Fruit or ‘Bois Tortue’
08 Aug 2019

The ability of the Noni to adapt is extraordinary at ground level, as it can grow in coral sand, like it does over here in Albion, on volcanic basalt, near brackish water ponds or even in spots with high salinity level.

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A gluten-free flour: Breadfruit
18 Jul 2019

The breadfruit, from its scientific name Artocarpus Altilis, is commonly known in Mauritius as the Madegone. This big spherical fruit that grows on a tree which can reach 15 meters high, is used to feed families in a number of ways, and weighs between one to two kilograms.

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Natural healing: Grandma’s herbal remedies
20 Jun 2019

I, she said, seldom consult a doctor. 'I treat myself using plants found in Nature. It is such a pity that young people nowadays do not find the time or simply do not have it anymore to plant and take care of a small corner of land!’

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Our forests: where wild pepper trees abound
16 May 2019

The plant’s scientific name is 'Schinus terebinthifolius'; it is native to Brazil and has acclimatized at different altitudes.  This species, resistant to insects and diseases, was first heard of from James Duncan in 1863.  Its fruits are widely disseminated by birds and it has become invasive, as it produces lots of seeds that germinate fast.  They are now produced as spices for export.

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Picnic at Plaine Champagne: Guavas!
11 Apr 2019

The picking of ‘Goyaves de Chine’ is an exercise worth participating in at least once a year.  A little advice to the uninitiated: caution! If the guavas are not picked at the right time, they will be too acidic and will consequently cause you to squint.  Let’s call on the experts: the sellers who will spare no efforts to advise you!

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Ixora: Such a beautiful name!
28 Mar 2019

I am in fact a lively and long-lasting blooming decorative scrub. I provide joy and happiness to all those who stop by her garden and cast a glance at me. They call me ‘Flame of the Woods’, ‘Torch tree’ or ‘Japanese Hortensia’. 

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The Weaverbird : A genius architect of Nature
27 Feb 2019

Where do those yellow birds come from? The ones which make nests resembling upside-down flasks, with a bottom entrance?

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A dessert with Rosa (T)
17 Jan 2019

Many mangoes bear the names of women. Why? Most probably because of the landowners of the time who created new varieties and wanted to pay tribute to their wives.

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Bingo: It's a lychee!
29 Nov 2018

In the beginning of the Mauritian summer, when colors and fragrances combine, the crimson glow takes precedence and takes over. Seasonal fruits compete in abundance, consistency and beauty. This is how Litchi (Litchi chinensis) trees originating from China change in appearance because they are covered with bunches of red berries. They stand tall and proud for succeeding in making Lychee lovers wait a whole year to finally savor their produce.

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Back to Basics: Rare organic fruits in Mauritius
12 Oct 2018

Let me take you on this journey, while exciting your taste buds. These stimulating flavors and scents remind us of the debt we owe to Mother Nature, as no chemicals were added to these fruit trees, nature taking its own course.

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A serendipitous encounter with Maya ... in the tropics!
30 Aug 2018

Then I saw her: Maya !(you would have probably guessed: it was a BEE), which was peacefully twirling around a ‘Veloutier Argenté’  (Tournefortia Argentea). These shrubs, with rough barks have trunks that often take graceful curves, so graceful, that they seem to dance on Jazz tunes under the rays of the golden sun.

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Coconut once I hold you, I can’t get enough!
06 Jul 2018

Lying back on a deckchair, facing the turquoise lagoon of crystal water down in the South West of Mauritius, with an outstretched arm, I liberally applied refined coconut oil on my skin

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