Fascinating facts in the history of Mauritius : Abercombie
26 Oct 2021

On December 3, 1810, 70 ships and more than 10,000 men landed this time on Isle de France on the north coast, at Cap Malheureux. The British Army under the command of General John Abercrombie won and took over the island. The current Abercrombie Police Station is the historic site where General Decaen signed the Act of Surrender to Sir John Abercrombie. 

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Enriching interview with the Chef of Domaine de Grand Baie
15 Oct 2021

Through our sustainable journey and as a wish to support our Local Community, and portray the Mauritian culinary identity, Mautourco is pleased to share with you on World Food Day 2021, an enriching interview with a Mauritian Lady Chef, whose authenticity is conveyed through her dishes.

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Fascinating facts in history of Mauritius: Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint Pierre
27 Aug 2021

Born in 1737 in Le Havre, Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint Pierre, French botanist, and writer, having obtained his brevet of captain-engineer arrived in Isle de France in 1768. Instead of finding a paradise and wild island, he found a place plagued by land speculation and largely deforested. Aware of the importance of conserving the island's rich soils as well as the primary forests, he founded one of the Nature Conservation programs with Pierre Poivre while respecting the environment.

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Prince Eyhelepola Wijesoondra, prisoner in Moulin à Poudre - Mauritius
28 Jul 2021

In 1814, accused of embezzlement, the Sinhalese prince Eyhelepola Wijesoondra, Prime Minister of the last king of Kandy (former capital of Sri Lanka) revolted and helped the English conquer the kingdom. He was arrested for plotting and sent to exile in Mauritius in 1825 together with some other rebels.

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Fascinating facts in history of Mauritius: Mathew Flinders
13 Jul 2021

In 1803, Mathew Flinders, British explorer, famous cartographer, was on his way from Australia back to England when he was compelled to make a stop at Mauritius to have his ship repaired.

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Fascinating facts in the history of Mauritius: Sir William Stevenson, K.C.B
16 Jun 2021

At the end of the courtyard formed by the wings of the Government House, behind the statue of Queen Victoria, is the martial figure in bronze of Sir William Stevenson, K.C.B. who had assumed the reins of Government from 1857 to 1863.

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Mauritius - Souillac Village paired with the city of Souillac - France
18 Jun 2021

Let’s visit Souillac: this village situated in the south of Mauritius in the district of Savanne, is named after Vicomte François de Souillac, then French governor of Isle de France between 1779-1787.

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Enriching interview with a Windsurf enthusiast - Mauritius
07 Jun 2021

Mauritius and Rodrigues Islands are two world-renowned destinations for Windsurfing. Our guest this week is Coban Hardy, Operations Manager at Mautourco, a Windsurf enthusiast during his free time.

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Fascinating fact in History of Mauritius: Sir William Gomm and Lady Gomm
04 Jun 2021

In 1842, the newly appointed Governor of Mauritius, Sir William Gomm brought the gratifying news that Indian immigration was at last authorized under the supervision of an agent residing in India.

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Mauritius: Let’s head to Bel Ombre
02 Jun 2021

When we mention Bel Ombre, we immediately think of the wild south of Mauritius, with on one side, its beautiful winding coastline along the sea and on the other, lush green nature. The road itself to Bel Ombre is a feast for the eyes.

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Enriching interview with an enthusiast: Hondoline Collet-Guillaume - String Art
26 May 2021

Our guest this week is Hondoline Collet-Guillaume, Reservation Officer at Hertz, the voice-over of our posts on our social networks. Among her many passions, she shares with us today one of them: String Art.

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City of Curepipe - Mauritius
14 May 2021

Curepipe, a town located halfway between the capital, Port-Louis and Mahebourg, with its cool, humid climate and forests, was for a long time inhabited. The first inhabitants settled in the lower part of the district of Plaines Wilhems which owes its name to Wilhelm Leichnig, a German who lived on the island (between the French and English occupation).

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History of Mauritius: Adrien d’Epinay!
28 May 2021

Adrien D’Epinay was recognized for many services rendered as a great citizen. He obtained authority to set up a bank in Mauritius. Since 1827, he persuaded the Ministry to allow Mauritius sugar to enter the English market on the same footing as that of the West Indies.

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Mautourco: The originality of eco-responsible craftsmen - RRR
29 May 2020

RRR: Three capital letters with such a deep meaning to be memorized and implemented by each and every one of us. It is a way of living we adopted years ago at Mautourco, DMC in Mauritius.

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Dream today – Travel tomorrow
26 May 2020

The future of global tourism and travel will definitely change and may never be the same again. Travel Companies across the world will need to innovate and adapt to what will most probably be: the new normal. Sustainable and Responsible tourism will most certainly be the new way to go.  Mauritius is actively getting geared to welcome guests from all over the world and in this respect, the after Covid-19 protocols are being set by different stakeholders.

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Local Insights
13 Oct 2020

Updates on Air Mauritius and Hotels

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Hope and Resilience - Message from the Managing Director
22 Apr 2020

We are all well aware that there are many challenges ahead for our industry. However, Mautourco fully supports the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) statement that, “By staying home today, we can travel tomorrow.”

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Mauritius: Lifestyle change with remote working
02 Apr 2020

At Mautourco, while being connected, we discuss and go on with our projects. Together we rediscover those human values we all share.

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When social and sustainable responsibility starts with us
19 Sep 2019

"To be a man is precisely to be responsible. It is to feel, by laying one's stone, that one helps to build the world." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

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Our Customer Care department in the spotlight
27 Jun 2019

Our Customer Care Department is busy attending to our guests and listening to their needs – whether it is for following up on an incident, attending to flight cancellations or delays, a surprise birthday gift, items that may have been inadvertently left behind on a tour or at the hotel, and so much more.

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World Travel Award 2019
03 Jun 2019

Mautourco carries on its winning streak with recognition at the World Travel Award as Mauritius’ Leading Destination Management Company for the fifth consecutive year. Our company has also received the award for Indian Ocean’s Leading Destination Management Company for the second time in two years and has been nominated once again for World’s Leading Destination Management Company.

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Mautourco, behind the curtains
03 May 2019

Delivering a high-quality, end-to-end guest experience requires that all our teams stay focused on meeting the ever-changing needs and wants of our partners and guests. Everything must be well coordinated, from reservation and payment to tour and transfer logistics in order to maintain our reputation for service quality and reliability.

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Wedding Consultant – The wedding fairy !
18 Apr 2019

Our two Wedding experts, Jessica and Nadine, have been doing this noble job for several years now and they put their experience and extensive knowledge at the service of our brides and grooms to be. Organizing a private, couple-only wedding or a wedding with a large guest list holds no secret for those two.

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Our drivers – proud ambassadors of our beautiful island
21 Mar 2019

If most of our drivers are bilingual, we also include in our team those who speak a third language, of which German, Italian .... and those ones work as driver-guides.  It is with great pride that they will make you discover our island during the excursions.

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Commitment to environmental sustainability
06 Mar 2019

Mautourco blends creativity with environmental sensibility to craft authentic but also sustainable experiences for our guests.

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Taking your themed party to the next level
05 Dec 2018

The team’s know-how is sure to make the most unique and memorable MICE experiences you’ll find on the island.  Whatever you are imagining right now, Mautourco can take your dream and make it a theme!

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Hotel Representatives, the art of making every guest unique
15 Nov 2018

Being a front-liner is a rewarding, exciting and challenging profession, where our team members learn as much from our guests as they learn from them.  As true ambassadors of the legendary Mauritian hospitality, they put their sound local knowledge and deep understanding of our guests’ different cultures at work to spoil the latter with the holiday that they have come for.

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World Travel Award
08 Oct 2018

Mautourco has achieved a remarkable feat by winning the World Travel Award for Mauritius’ Leading Destination Management Company for the fourth year in a row. In addition, this year our company combining over six decades of experience has also bagged the award for Indian Ocean’s Leading Destination Management Company.

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Tour Guiding - Sharing our passion
04 Oct 2018

Tour Guiding is first and foremost about sharing our passion for our beautiful island of Mauritius.

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Airport Representatives
18 Sep 2018

At Mautourco, our success has always been defined by our ability to make our guests feel welcome and to attend to their every need at each and every moment of their stay. And this starts right at the airport, from the very moment you set foot upon the soil of Mauritius

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