Local Life
21 Dec 2018

Celebrating the festive season the Mauritian way


The end-of-year celebrations in Mauritius are the prime time for all kinds of outdoor fun with nature following suit by oozing with deliciously festive flavours and colours.


What a change it makes to wake up to the sunshine and clear skies on Christmas and New Year’s Eve! And looking forward to head down to the beach for a colourful tropical outdoor celebration in pure Mauritian fashion.


This is a time for sharing good food and a party atmosphere. A favourite Mauritian tradition is to indulge in a scrumptious barbecue dinner under the stars with feet buried in the sand, and enjoying a warm evening to the sound of traditional sega music. And of course, watching the inevitable fire crackers and fireworks lighting up the tropical sky, especially when the clock ticks midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Nature also puts on a special summertime show. You can feast your eyes on the blazing red flame trees in full bloom lining up the country roads and there will be plenty of tropical fruit trees loaded with bunches of tantalizing lychees, mangoes and longans that are just ripe for picking and eating!


A truly fantastic way to see off the outgoing year and starting a new one on the right foot!

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