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09 Oct 2020

Culinary Heritage: Crayfish Chutney


In Mauritius, where ponds, lakes as well as reservoirs, water sources and rock basins abound, one can find lots of small crayfish, called in the local jargon ‘ti sevrett’ or sevrett la rivier ’. Their large caudal fins allow them to retreat sharply in case of danger.


It is quite common to find villagers specially in the east of the island, holding woven baskets or a piece of jute fabric heading towards these humid places to catch them. Along the road, they shout to passers-by: "sevrett la rivier", handing them a small bag or glass. What are with these tiny crustaceans used for? Well, one must get them sorted out and washed before they are safe for consumption. Then, they are heated to give them a reddish or even orange color, as they are originally gray and transparent. From there, a delicious chutney can be prepared.


In the most traditional way, these crayfish will be crushed on a 'ros carri', a rectangular basalt piece that can only be used with its 'baba', another cylindrical piece to roll and squash the ingredients and make them thinner, to obtain a paste.

This crayfish chutney is a Delicatessen of our Mauritian cuisine and its scent is unique due to the ingredients added to it such as garlic, ginger, tomatoes, called here “pomme d’ amour”, chili peppers as well as aromatic herbs. There’ s nothing better than a good plate of white rice accompanied by dry beans, “brèdes” (greens in broth), vegetables pickles and this famous "ti sevrett" chutney : A feast for the taste buds.


Mauritians would say: "The sky goes low"! How would you like to live this unique experience with locals accompanied by experienced guides or drivers from Mautourco for a great tasting?  There’ s nothing better than a recommended local product for pure authenticity. You will keep an indelible memory of this experience and that urge to come back for more tasting.


Mauritius, very small by its size jealously hides these small grandmothers’ recipes which are now part of our culinary heritage.

When it comes to nature, there is a great breath of fresh air and a scent of 'sevrett la rivier'.

Well… Bon appétit!


Lza M Natur

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