Mother Nature
24 Jun 2020

Deconfinement:  Regenerated beach in Mauritius



It was my first outing to the beach after total deconfinement.  I was quite surprised to see the regrowth of the creeping batatran vine that sneaks quietly towards the sea along the beach in Albion, Mauritius.


The pink Ipoméa pes-caprae flowers with varied color gradient shades contrast with the pristine white sand. I suddenly remembered Grandma's natural remedies. The leaves’ concoction is used to fight inflammation and rheumatism while when crushed, one can extract the stings of sea urchins’ (rarely found in this area).

Mother Nature has reclaimed its rights, after having quietly enjoyed this quarantine season. We all now need to be eco-responsible and respect this plant that stabilizes the soil and preserves our coastlines from erosion.


Albion: An area conducive to tranquility, a beach inviting us for a walk throughout a very mild winter weather, a romantic outing with a breathtaking panorama while admiring a spectacular sunset.


Natur Lza

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