Local Life
08 Jan 2021

Endless sunshine


A steaming hot cup of tea in hand, I watched through my window on the second floor, the rain falling gracefully, making children run, their bags over their heads. I had a nice view of the region from where I stood on my balcony and could easily see the George V Stadium and even part of Curepipe ’s market.


I decided to go to the south east of the island this morning for a change of temperature. Indeed, it is one of the benefits of living on an island as we can enjoy the advantages of microclimate (it can be rainy on one part of the island while the other side has a bright blue, sunny sky). It was less than half an hour’ s drive to Mahebourg coastal village and I finally reached my destination. Arriving at the Mahebourg Waterfront, the first thing that caught my eyes was the different shades of blue of the sea. It was indeed like a painted picture on a postcard that we send on holiday. The Lion Mountain at the backdrop, the turquoise blue sea with gentle waves crashing on the cement border of the waterfront and to complete this picturesque view, the Mouchoir rouge islet just around, one kilometre away from the shore.

The place is quite known for its famous Reggata Competition. In fact, people come from far to support their team and participate in the race. Through the years, it has become an annual event which required months of preparation and coordination with the participants. Indeed, on the eve of the event, those coming from other coasts, would sail along the island to reach the waterfront of Mahebourg, where the departure would take place. It goes without saying that during such an occasion, there are countless merchants selling local delicacies such as ‘merveille’ (a crispy flat and round cake served with chutney), ‘fruits cristallisés’ (some local fruits cooked in sugar) or even pickled fruits (usually mangoes, olives, cucumbers or ambarella) which are best eaten with red chilies and salt. Appetizing!


A few clouds moved in the sky and the sun was blocked out from view. "Oh no", I thought, "Don't go away, I need you to get the maximum of vitamins D today. " As I continued walking along the waterfront's red and gray bricks flooring, I could see on my right the bus station with people running to catch the bus and on my left the serenity of the ocean. What a contrast! If only I could stay here with the warm sun and gentle breeze, it could not be perfect.


I went back to the car reluctantly, but before driving home, I decided to have a 'glason rape' (a sorbet made with grated ice and various syrups flavours). I watched, fascinated by how the merchant prepared it in front of me and asking about my choice of syrups flavours: “Would you like tamarin, strawberry, pineapple, sugarcane, almond, mango or a selection of some?’” Utterly undecided and completely mesmerized by its confection, I replied, “I’ ll have all of them!”.



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