03 Oct 2019

Hertz Mauritius: Hit the Road in a Buggy Vintage


What an emotion-filled adventure I had on the east side of the island in a Buggy Vintage, rented with Hertz Mauritius. Pride and freedom quickly took over: 1033cc, a 4-door, AM and FM signals, compact disc player, SD card and Bluetooth auxiliary adapter. What more could I have asked for on that very sunny day en route to the east away from traffic and crowds? 


The panorama is breathtaking : sugarcane flowers in bloom or already cut, the changing colors of the small  valleys or sloppy hills, small picturesque villages where street stalls with seasonal fruits such as the Victoria pineapple, the gingeli banana and the sugar-apple are sold on the side of the road. I could not help but whistle a happy tune all the way to Trou d’Eau Douce.


The statue of the Virgin Mary, perched on a rock and sheltered from the sun by the hull of an upturned pirogue (traditional fishing boat) is an authentic piece of work of our Mauritius, so endearing thanks to its multi-cultural aspects.


I parked the Buggy Vintage and took a little walk in Trou d’Eau Douce, where several tourist shops catch the eye. Near the boat landing, where those who decide on a sea excursion embark, 'tabagies' (small corner stores) with evocative names can be found; the 'Casa Blanca Fruit Market' for example, calls for a stop to chit-chat with the lady who is settled there.

I continued on my way, passing by a church made of rocks and blue windows, then parked the rental car in front of the lime kiln, which is part of our well-preserved heritage.  The view over these turquoise waters is quite worth it. The most beautiful part of it all awaited me at the turn of the coastal road.  In the midst of the sandy fields, onions grew and their flowers gave off a subtle scent carried off by the wind. Several women took bunches of them to sell them at the market.


A few hundred meters away, a peaceful beach lined with Filao trees (Casuarina) called for relaxation.  The convertible buggy well within sight, I took a few steps under the huge Indian Almond Tree (Badamier), whose scientific name is the Terminalia Catappa, which were losing their leaves. The most gifted painter would undoubtedly make a remarkable fresco in various tone patterns ranging from red to peach. In this new digital era, I obviously had to immortalize this precious moment with my smartphone. The stunning colors naturally drawn on the ground reminded me of Yves Montand’s song ‘Les Feuilles Mortes’ (The Falling Leaves) or even of an autumn landscape.


Then off to Palmar in Belle Mare I went. My senses were tickled by the immaculate white, fine sandy beach. I took a handful of sand and let it slip through my fingers. I spent half an hour there in complete serenity. My day out in the convertible Buggy Vintage rented with Hertz Mauritius was absolutely invigorating. I was delighted to see the locals’ fascination for the vehicle; they had a great time photographing it with my permission.


I told myself that a day like that in a Buggy Vintage rented at Hertz Mauritius is absolutely priceless. One must live this exceptional experience that creates a lifetime of lasting memories.


Natur Lza

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