Mauritius is a favourite destination for a relaxing break or an active holiday, but also for business and group travel, weddings and honeymoons, among others.

  • Your favorite destination

    The island offers a complete range of unique advantages to visitors from all over the world, including:


    • Year-round mild tropical climate
    • Pristine beaches and stunning scenery
    • Modern tourism and hospitality-related infrastructureincluding the premier international airport in the region
    • Regular service by international airlines such as Air Mauritius, Emirates, British Airways, Air France and Corsair to major cities in Europe, Africa and Asia
    • Resorts of international standard
    • Multiracial population and acclaimed tradition of hospitality
    • Political and social stability
    • Excellent health and safety standards allowing travellers to be exempted from vaccination requirements


  • Dilo koko

    (djee-lo ko-ko)

    Coconut water (dilo koko) is a popular refreshing drink and an excellent way to quench your tropical thirst.

  • Bonzour

    Good Morning

  • Bonswar

    Good Evening

  • Ki manyer?

    (kee mann-yeer)

    A popular form of greeting that literally means, “How are you doing?” And all you have to say in return is “Byen mersi” (Bee-ayn mare-see) or “Korek” (co-reck).

  • Lapes


    Whether for subsistence, leisure or sport, fishing (lapes) is quite naturally a favourite activity on an island like Mauritius

  • Mersi

    Thank you

  • Pirog


    Along the way, you may pass a few locals in their pirog, which are small traditional fishing boats, often with colourful sails.

  • Dal-pouri


    While walking along the streets of Port Louis, you are sure to come across some street vendors selling dal-pouri, an Indian inspired pancake-style flatbread traditionally served with vegetarian curry and sauce, chutney and pickles.

  • Siuple



  • Bye / Orevwar


Wild South

An exploration of the lush inland parts of Mauritius with some majestic scenery.

Adventure Trail

Epic journeys through the charming hidden gems of Mauritius

Stroll in the Past

Delve into the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Mauritius

Melting Pot

A fantastic mosaic of cultures and traditions that make Mauritius unique.

Vizit Mahebour

A pleasant and distinctive journey of exploration.