02 Dec 2020

Reasons to visit Mauritius: A Dream Destination For Sports Persons!


It is true that a simple mention of the island of Mauritius, and one would be tempted to immediately imagine its long sandy beaches, its emerald lagoons and beautiful sun that warms the skin and hearts! But what if we tell you that our island is also a privileged destination for sportsmen….?


You will immediately think of aquatic sports which can be practiced in Mauritius: scuba diving, waterski, surf, wind surf, kayak, deep sea fishing, stand-up paddle, canoeing…. And you will be right! However, one must also note that Mauritius also attracts each year many international competitions of high level for many other sports: Golf, Trail, kite- surf, cycling, swimming…


Indeed, we host various Golf competitions that have become well-known and attracts many followers of the discipline each year. Trail is since in recent years, a discipline well appreciated by Mauritians who participate at the various events organized yearly. It appeals equally to many amateurs coming from neighbouring islands and elsewhere: Ultra Trail Raidlight Beachcomber, Royal Raid, Dodo Trail, Moka Trail, to name a few. The highlight of our trails remains the discovery of the different facets of our island: cliffs at the edge of the water, sugar cane fields and indigenous forests…. A real treat for the participants!

One can also practise scuba diving in Mauritius as well as in Rodrigues. Our diving centers with professional supervision are legendary and propose PADI certifications. Our seabed is known for its exceptional richness.


Amateurs of kitesurf would certainly have heard of the One Eye spot, situated at Le Morne, world acclaimed and accessible throughout the year. Many are those who indulge in their passion and take part in the competitions which take place there. Not too far at Tamarin, another kitesurf spot waits for you to better yourself before tackling the One Eye spot. Our sister island, Rodrigues is not left out since each year, kitesurf and wind surfing competitions are held there. Come and have a go as you will be lucky to dispose of two dream islands for board sports.


If you feel like reconciling holidays with sports in the sun…. do not hesitate!


Your destination should be Mauritius!



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