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14 Feb 2019

Spread the Love: Valentine’s Day


2019 being a non-leap year, the 14th splits the month of February equally in two. Many Mauritians celebrate Love and Romance on Valentine's Day. They pick the right moment to offer red roses or gifts – including jewelry pieces, or simply enjoy a romantic meal in a nice restaurant with their beloved.


Others will profess their affection by writing love letters, slam poetry or a song dedicated to their significant other. The origin of the tradition of Valentine’s Day is however hard to trace.


One legend contends that it started with a martyr of the Catholic Church, priest Valentinus. The Roman Emperor Claudius II had outlawed marriage for young men, to encourage more single soldiers to go to war. Valentinus, continued to secretly perform marriages for young lovers.  He was consequently sentenced to imprisonment then death…on February 14th (somewhere around the year 278 A.D). His jailer’s daughter allegedly received a love note from him on the eve of his execution, which was signed ‘Your Valentine’. In the turn of the twentieth century, Valentine’s Day became a secular celebration the world over.


Aren’t there different types of love, characterized by maternal love, paternal love, brotherly love or universal love though? Should it not be celebrated every day? Allow me therefore, to share with you these few lines about love, for your entertainment. Because a world without love is a world without happiness.

Love is: Decisions


'On this beautiful day, I will rise at dawn’s first light to gather rosebuds, pearled with morning dew and scented with golden sunbeams, in testimony of my love for you.


I will pick the juiciest and most delicious fruits from the garden, those same ones I have secretly grown especially for you.


I will tell you fascinating stories, and let your imagination carry you away to the most breathtaking destinations of the world, to see a smile on your face or to hear you roar with laughter.


I will collect small treasures from Nature, hand-picked for you, and offer them to you, to convey my sweet tenderness.


We will sit comfortably and enjoy each other’s presence while silently listening to the sweet melody of birds chirping, the sound of the leaves rustling as the wind blows through the trees, and the babbling waterfalls.  


Together, we can fully admire the landscape color changes, and be reminded of those wonderful moments of shared happiness.


May our experiences become our most glorious memories…


Love is above all: Decisions. It is Up to us to find it where it is.


Natur Lza

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