• Learn about the rich history and nature of the island
  • Enjoy the rare experience of the craft of cassava biscuit-making

Vizit Mahebour

There is a lot of history to uncover in the seaside village of Mahebourg and the surrounding south-east region of the island.

  • Its museum, bustling and colourful marketplace and waterfront are a few of the attractions that make for a pleasant and distinctive journey of exploration. And of course, don’t miss out on the cassava biscuit factory that has now been in activity for almost a century and a half.

    Mahebourg is one of the oldest towns in Mauritius, dating from the Dutch period and named after the French Governor, Bertrand François Mahé de La Bourdonnais. This tour of the South of the island offers a mix of nature and tradition with a number of historic sights of interest, typical Mauritian cuisine, exotic colours and aromas, the turquoise sea and beautiful scenery. Founded in 1870, the Rault biscuit factory is worth the visit for the history and deliciously unique cassava biscuits fresh out of the oven.


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